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    ...Finding The ​Strength

      ...Building A Foundation

... Helping Kids Heal

The Christopher Robert Foundation has an important mission...

We have been unfortunately seeing the sky-rocketing numbers of overdose deaths and increased substance use of our young people. Along with this terrifying number, we have noticed how many of those suffering are leaving children in the wake of destruction.

       Children who have lost a parent or loved one to substance abuse are often not told the truth about the cause of death, leading to questions and uncertainty. Most children are also not privy to the situation at hand when a family member is actively using, due to the family's instinct to protect the child. The reality is that these children are affected no matter what they are told. If a using parent is absent, children come up with their own internalized answers to these questions such as- I'm not good enough or they don't love me. While we know that this could not be further from the truth, the lack of education for parents and caregivers in this situation leads to half truths and a "swept under the rug" approach due to shame, guilt, and the need to protect. 

       With an overdose death comes a lot of conflicting emotions. On top of the grieving of the parent or loved one, there are waves of confusion, shame, guilt, embarrassment or even hatred. When a child's world is shattered, they may not know how to show you where it hurts.

       Children who have been impacted by a family members substance use will often show signs of maladaptive coping skills. These skills while beneficial for short term survival- are just that. Survival skills that these children teach themselves to deal with the trauma in the moment. These skills are not beneficial for long term healing in recovery, and often lead to continuing the cycle of abuse, behavior issues, academic difficulties, and chronic health problems. 

      The Christopher Robert Foundation hopes to reduce the stigma that surrounds familial substance use and break the cycle. By providing kids with education regarding substances and substance use disorders, and helping them learn that they are not alone with peer support groups, TCRF aims to achieve these goals and has created a safe place to build a foundation for healing. 

Our group member were asked what problems were they struggling with, what causes their anxiety? These were some of their answers...

"....when mom is not home." -TCRF member 

 "....broken promises." -TCRF member

 "....daddy yells a lot" -TCRF member 

 "....You're not sick, but you don't feel well." -TCRF member

 "....cant sleep." - TCRF member

 "....moving around too much." -TCRF member "'re afraid to come home from school because mom might have drugs in the house." -TCRF member

Activities groups are used to identify a child's strengths and interests. By nourishing these interests and implementing them as coping skills, the children are taught to utilize their interests to help cope with difficult emotions stemming from familial substance use. These activities include: 


Arts & Crafts

Martial Arts 

Pet Therapy


Fitness & Nutrition




& much more!

       The activities segment of the program helps kids "find the strength" that they already have by trying different types of activities at NO COST TO THE FAMILY.

       Looking for help? Click on the Frequently Asked (FAQ) tab, or send us an e-mail!